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Let us help simplify your life.

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Life, Simplified is committed to empowering community members of all walks of life.

We specialize in taking daunting projects and breaking them into easily manageable steps. Some of our more frequent projects include home and office organization, short term rental management and move management, but we happily assist with so much more.

We believe in minimizing waste and creating an environment that serves both the self and the planet at large. We help recycle and donate your unwanted materials, and pay living wages to all of our contractors. For every job we book, we also donate time or a percentage to a local family or organization in need. 

That’s Life, Simplified.


Our Services

Above all else, we are organizers. We can organize your closet, your move, your life, and your thoughts.

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What Is a Community-Centric Model?

Our community-centric model is a business model wherein for each service a client buys, a second service is donated to a community member or organization in need. This model allows community members to directly impact each other's lives. 

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Happy Clients

Want to see the impact Life, Simplified has had on the community?

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Our Vision

Life, Simplified is a two person team with a community of partners. We built Life, Simplified to help ease the tensions of modern life. One of us has a passion for organizing and creating peace, the other a passion for building, repairing and creating.


While we turn your to-do list into accomplishments, you can make a significant difference in the lives of others. How's that for simplified? 


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A Unique Approach to Service

We are the first, and only, community-centric organizing company in Denver. As a result, we have had the distinct pleasure of working with a range of clients in our communities.